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Vendor Spotlight – Lasting Events

When we decided to redesign and launch a new website we knew some parts of it would be in stages. With the arrival of Spring (finally!) we couldn’t think of a better time to share the next part. This is something we are creating specifically with couples who are currently wedding planning in mind. We want to introduce you to some of the amazing vendors that we have the pleasure of working with in Niagara. They will be sharing about themselves, their business and some of the wedding trends they are enjoying and see coming up this season.

We are pleased to have Mallory of Lasting Events kick this off with us! We spent a lovely afternoon with Mallory in her home office and documented her awesome work space and some fun headshots. Check out Lasting events at


About Mallory

I’m a Niagara born & raised girl. I’m happily married to my husband of 5 years (together for 13) and we have a beautiful 6 year old daughter, who’s sassy, silly attitude keeps us on our toes everyday. I am a romantic who loves pretty, sparkly things and Fixer Upper is my favourite show. I am also found watching football and eating pizza on any given Sunday. When I’m not helping clients, I can be found reading, baking, hanging out with friends or on an adventure with my family.

I don’t believe that weddings are for the bride only, but rather a reflection of both bride and groom and stress that with all my clients. I love when clients think outside the box and are willing to bend the traditions of a wedding to suit their needs, their beliefs and their story. Wedding days are my happy place. I love when all the moving parts come together and the couple first get to see each other on their big day.


How did Lasting Events get started?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my own event planning business. After university- life happened and I put that urge on hold. After I had my daughter, planned my own wedding (so cliché I know), I wasn’t happy in my day job. I knew that I had to do something. I started chatting with a friend and in 2015 we decided to open Lasting Events together. The first year was hard and the struggle was real. After about a year, my friend decided this path wasn’t for her and in turn, I threw myself head first in Lasting Events and couldn’t be happier. Now almost 3 years later, Lasting Events continues to grow, and I get more excited each year.


What is your favourite part of wedding planning?

Honestly, my clients. It’s such an exciting and emotional time for them. I have always been a person that puts my whole into everything and I get very emotionally involved. I still cry at every wedding (usually the grooms are the ones that get me) because I am just so happy for them.


What are your top 3 tips for brides and grooms?

  1. Get professional help (HAHA- shameless plug.) Professional vendors will make a world of difference on your stress level both leading up to your wedding and the actual day of.
  2. Trust your instincts. Don’t always fold to outside pressures. If you don’t want a big wedding, cut your guest list to a number that makes you happy, not your parents. (Unless they are fronting the whole bill- then they do have more of a say). This day is about the two of you and really no one else. Do what makes you both happy.
  3. Pinterest is great for ideas but think outside the box and think realistic. If you aren’t crafty- you will only stress yourself (and your friends and family) out trying to create your own backdrop, favours, centerpieces, whatever. Also, you don’t want your wedding to look like anyone else’s, so take an idea and twist it to show your personality.


What is your favourite part of the wedding day?             

The Ceremony. That’s the whole reason everyone is there. True emotions are shown and listening to two people share their love towards each other is so beautiful.


What is your favourite wedding planning memory to date?

This one is really hard for me. Each couple I have had the pleasure to work with have been so different. Each of their weddings have been beautiful reflections of those couples and their love for each other.

One wedding that stands out to me is from a few years back. The bride called me crying 6 weeks before the wedding day to tell me her and the groom were in a car accident and while they were both still alive, he wasn’t in great shape and at this point weren’t sure he would be able to stand at the wedding- let alone be there at all. After long surgeries, a few emotional breakdowns, the wedding day arrived, and the groom was there in a wheelchair. We made all sorts of changes to accommodate- the bride sat on a chair during the ceremony, so they could look eye to eye, and they decided against a first dance. During photos, the groomsmen gave him the support he needed so he could stand- half holding him up in some of them. It was such a beautiful and emotional moment. He worked so hard to be able to have photos, not only for him but for her and it was so great to see them standing together after everything they had gone through. Every time l hear couples complain about how hard wedding planning can be, I think about those two and what they had to overcome just to have the groom at the wedding and know that most would never know that stress. Those two held it all together so well, with such grace and were so strong for each other.

I can happily say that he did make a full recovery and now is back to normal and they have a beautiful baby.


What trends do you see being big for this coming wedding season?

There is a huge push for a minimalistic look. Toning down the décor to sleek, clean lines and natural colours. Less is more.

Purple will be big this year and into early next year with Pantone revealing ultra purple for their colour of the year as well.


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