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Mike & Gloria- Guelph University – Surprise Proposal

Mike and Gloria are good friends of ours so we were beyond excited when Mike reached out to let us know he was proposing to Gloria. Even more so when he asked us to photograph the moment. He planned out all the details, they would take a walk through a spot at Guelph University that they used to spend time at together. He had packed a picnic lunch and some champagne to toast to their engagement.

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Location: Guelph University

When the day came there had been a nice snowfall. Justin and I went to the spot Mike had explained to us and hid behind some trees while we waited for them to walk over. In the moment our hearts were racing! We didn’t want Gloria to spot us while she walked and thankfully everything went as planned.

We love images like this, candid and real. After Gloria said yes, Mike pointed to us hiding out in the trees and they called us over. We were able to be the first to congratulate them and wish them all the best. They went on to enjoy their picnic and a special dinner reservation later that evening.

Here are some favourites from the day.