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Our Story

It was a cold, winter night in New York City. We drank a London Fog and got lost in conversation. Before we knew it, it was past midnight.

We had our first real date while in New York City for a photography trip for college. As we sat there, at Starbucks, looking over Times Square, we felt a connection that was magnetic.

Fast forward to today. It’s seven years later. Here we are, married and still feeling that same connection we felt on that cold, winter night.

It seems fitting that we met through our shared passion for photography. Because photography has been the thread that has weaved our story together. Photography has taken us from one chapter to the next.

And that’s how we’ll weave together your story, too. Through photography, we’ll be there with you from one chapter to the next.

You see, we’re like you

We remember what it was like to be newly engaged. We remember the feelings and emotions that come with it. The nerves, the excitement and the anticipation.

That’s why we’ve come to develop a unique ‘his’ and ‘her’ approach to wedding photography. We tell your story with empathy, through an appreciation and understanding for your journey, and from both ‘his’ and ‘her’ perspective.

Your love story deserves to be told.

Let us show you how we view love.